My Journey As A Demigod (CONTEST WINNERS)

So there were really good entries for the contest, it was REALLY hard to pick one. So when I was looking through the entries, trying to decide which monster would make a huge impact on "The 3" I thought of something

I thought, why not put all those ideas together to make one hard obstacle to battle? Cool right? No? Maybe? Anyways! Thanks for entering and hope you like the ideas! :)

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon

  1. Alright guys, so the contest winners are.... Well, I don't know how to say this... But all of the contestants won! I thought about it and all your ideas made sense to me. I'm going to create a shapeshifter. One that can turn into any human, monster, even a god.
  2. Now don't get me wrong, I loved your ideas guys. So I'm going to put the monster that you picked in the story. You know, make the shapeshifter turn into the monsters you suggested. I think Im making you guys confused now... o_o
  3. So yeah. Thanks to the contestants for entering. You all won :) First I would like to thank DaughterOfApollo. Nice choice, yes it would keep the 3 busy. If the Manticore decided to attack me.... Okay let's not go there XD anyways thanks for entering Meg. Live it, love it, own it. :D
  4. Another contestant who had an awesome sauce idea.... Janeeo123! That's such a cool monster, I admit. From previous Heroes Of Olympus books; I believe Jason, Piper and Leo met the sorcerer Medea? That was hard. Even for 3 powerful demigods! Great choice Janeeo! :)
  5. Another contestant.... pielovr511! Yes DOA's choice was so cool (: that's why I'm making the Shapeshifter turn into a Manticore when SHE meets the 3. Great choice pie:) btw I love lemon meringue....
  6. Another contestant.... keke14! Your choice was really cool! Yes the Chimera and Echidna would be amazing! Mother of all Monsters? You gotta be scared of that chick...!!! Chimera would definitely make the 3 busy. Nice choice Keke! :)
  7. Okay so all your entries were cool. All the monsters you picked will be appeared in the story as the ShapeShifter's... Shifts? Anyways! Great job chickas (:
  8. Comment and rate on the entries and your thoughts on the Shapeshifter. Don't forget to check on the series "My Journey As A Demigod" part 6 is coming up pretty soon! Thanks!
  9. Here's a sneak peek on part 6! Me, Leo and Katie were getting super tired of walking. But we kept walking anyway. "So far... This quest sucks" Katie pointed out. I nodded in agreement. Who knew a quest needed so much walking? We kept walking until we stopped dead in our tracks. A cage. Katie pulled out her dagger, Leo's hand burst in flames. And I? Well I had a spear. I looked at the cage. A girl about 12 with wet black hair covering her face crouched down in the corner of the cage. She looked up. The girl's eyes turned red, but it turned brown after that. I shivered. I had serious bad vibes about this girl. The girl stood up in her cage and walked towards our direction. 

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