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Contest guys! It's what you all been waiting for! Not One but Two! A Contest for ONE DIRECTION LOVE STORY and LIFE IN THE HUNGER GAMES! PLEASE PARTICIPATE! :)

The One Direction Contest is a Story Creation Contest and the Hunger Games Contest is a Character Creation contest! To find out more, you got to go through this quiz!

Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. Hey guys! Long time! Uhm, well to start off! It's good to be back! I know I didn't actually leave but it's been a while since I've posted and I'm pretty sure people thought I was dead. If you didn't check out my comments page on my Hogwarts Love Story Special then this is what this is for!
  2. I know there has been quite a lot of contests that are going along. I know @5thMarauder is hosting a contest which I will definitely take part in, if you're interested, you should really go check it out! She also has one amazing that I have failed to catch up with! Okay, back on topic, so speaking of contest; it's been at least 4 months since I had contest, and I promised that I will be holding another one someday and that someday is today.
  3. Here's the fun part! I am hosting, not one, but two contest! Since it's my return to GoToQuiz, I got a lot of writing to do and I got to go out with something special, right? So, let's talk contests, shall we?
  4. The First Contest is a Character Contest! Yes! Everyone's favorite! This will be a character contest for my story Life in the Hunger Games. For this contest, there will be numerous winners because I need 13 tributes because the story will be extend and the main girl and Cecil will be interacting more with the tributes than the original. The available tributes eligible for this contest are: 3,4, the Male Tribute in from District 5,6,8,9 and 10. There will be 13 winners!
  5. For your character contest submission, you must include the basics; name, personality (be detailed. Provide examples if helpful), description, district, age, background story of the character, skills and I want you to write at least a paragraph of how your character will act inside the arena. You can add interaction with the Main Character, Cecil, Peeta or Katniss to help you! The Contest will be open till July 5th, 2012. The winner will be announce the following day!
  6. Okay, one contest down. Another one to talk about. At first, I was debating on having ANOTHER Character contest but that would have been hard for me to balance with the Hunger Games. The next contest belongs to everyone's favorite, no not Hogwarts Love Story, the contest belongs to One Direction Love Story!
  7. This contest will be a story creation contest! Yes, and since it's One Direction we're talking about. You will create a story between you and A MEMBER (Yes, ONE member). The criteria for the story is meeting that member for the first time! The winner of this contest will get their story published as a One Direction Love Story Special and will be added to the One Direction Love Story Family. There will only be one winner, sorry guys! Your submission must be a minimum of half a page. Get creative and go crazy! This is One Direction guys, you're directioners! This contest will be open till July 7th, 2012 since creating stories take longer to write, again the winner will be announce the following day.
  8. The rules for the contest: For the Hunger Games, you're allowed to submit two entries. And remember, each district (Except 5) require One boy and One Girl, so choose wisely! And for the One Direction Love Story Contest, only one entry! Be detailed and again, I will only accept either a well thorough story that's at least a page or two or a short story that is at least half a page. Send your submissions by email or if you can't email, leave a comment and I will create a forum to accept entries but I will notify first when I created that forum! Have fun guys! And please participate! If you know anyone who is interested, please ask them to join!
  9. As far as updates go, the only story I will be working on GoToQuiz is the Hogwarts Love Story since the other two stories await contest entries before they can progress! So, c'mon guys!
  10. And now as we go off topic, how are you guys? What's your latest craze right now? I just finished exams, and I mentally got married to Logan Lerman and Gabriel Morales and of course One Direction. Haha! I'm terrible with small talk ... and I made a vlog that I will be posting on my I don't know why I did it. It was sort of like a summer diary thing. Okay! Enough of me! Good luck guys!x

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