Tonight Tonight Part 6

So I'm having a new contest, BTW, PuffBall was the winner of my last contest. This contest is similar, but instead of geussing my age, you have to come up with RANDOM, SHORT, stories. I pick the best one(s) same prize, helping me write 1 or 2 of my quizzes. There CAN be more than 1 winner, but there may not be. The short story does Not have to be about this, or any, quiz. In fact I'd prefer it not to be about a quiz.

RULES: The rules to my contest are simple, the ideas must be origional, you copy your disqualified. You can comment twice on a comment board (2 on each quiz comments) more than 2 a board, your disqualified, if you get disqualified, I'll put on my quizzes that you got disqualified. Have questions, ask em in the comments. AND AGAIN I NEED 7 COMMENTS FROM 7 DIFFERENT PEOPLE, OR THE SAME AS LAST TIME ( I temporarily stop the series!) BYE!!!!!

Created by: Samantha2332

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  1. Recap: You and Drew were on your way up to your room when, you heard someone shout, "What the hell!"
  2. You turn around to see a tall black man, with huge muscles! You were about to be intimidated until you saw the childish grin on his face. You had almost forgotten about Drew when he bursted into laughter. "Can I help you with something sir?" you asked politely. "Yes ma'am you can, your Samantha right?" You nodded. "Well I'm Peter Wiley, from the N.S.P, where every teen can have a dream!" he said proudly. Your face showed a confused expression, so you looked at Drew as a smile spread across his face. "What?" you whispered to Drew. "I'm not the only one who loved your singing voice! N.S.P stands for national singing program! Mr. Wiley here is the head of the scouting department!" Drew answered. "That's right my little patowan! I was out scouting when I heard the most beautifal singing voice coming from the cafe you were just in. Now don't talk just listen, I recorded your voice, hope you don't mind, and I sent it to my voice, not to brag, ha, he told me that you were the best singer any scout has found. So I need to talk to your parents or legal gaurdian, A.S.A.P, now do we have some bidness to do?!?!" he shouted. You couldn't help but laugh at the way he said buisiness.
  3. You look at Drew, and you both rapidly nod your heads yes. You motion Peter to follow you. You go to the front desk, get a key to your parents room (and Jake's, he stays in there, and you share with Shelby and Kathleen) and head up to the room. You walk in and your motther shreiks when she sees the man standing behind you and Drew. Your mom squeels, "I know who that is, hi Mr. Peter, it's nice to meet you! Did you scout out our baby girl?" "I sure did and she has the most wonderful voice! Anyway, I would like to talk to you about signing a deal, although this deal involves you moveing to Hollywood," Peter said with a sparkle in his eyes, that somehow told you that this was no scam. Your mother nodded, and then Drew took your hand and pulled you to another room that was right across the hall from yours. He pulled out a room key, and used it to open the door.
  4. "Why do you have a room right across from mine?" you asked suspiciously. "Relax, same reason your here, I'm on vacation. My parents room is beside this, and Justin's room is beside yours. I really hope your parents ecceppt the offer, we live in Hollywood too," "What about us living in Hollywood?" Justin walks in. "When we were on our date, a talent scout from the N.S.P scouted me, and wants to offer me something, but we'd have to move to Hollywood! I don't wanna move away from my friends, but it would be nice to get away from Carter!" you answered. "Oh Samantha that's amazing!" Jake walked in through the open door, "What's amazing?" Shelby said also walking in the door, holding Kathleen. "Yeah we wanna know!" Kathleen shouted. "I'd like to know myself," said a boy around your age, "You never called!" said the boy that you recognizedas Brad; the perv you met in Part 3. "Okay, can someone close the door before an oompa loompa walks in too!" you shouted angrily. Brad closed the door as you told the story again. This time the room exploded in cheeres, and high fives. "When it got quiet, Brad whispered, "So that's why she never called!" The room exploded with laughter, even though it was a whisper, Brad's comment was heard throughout the room.
  5. You all sat down and ordered a pizza, when you heard a knock on the door. You opened it, and none other than Carter walks in.
  6. So you hate me so much you think you can embarress me i front strangers, and then move away! I heard your parents talking about moving to Hollywood. I even heard the pen move across the paper when they agreed to it!" Carter yelled as he walked into the room. "Really?!?!" Everyone screeched eccept for Carter and Brad. You all ran outof the room, past the pizza guy, and into the room where your parents stood, shaking Mr. Wiley's hands. You saw their signatures on a peice of paper that only you had to sign to agree to the deal. The large man handed you a pen and the paper, you signed it. You turned around and hugged Drew, when you pulled away you saw a tear in Carter's eye. He started to run out of the room when you yelled, " Carter' wait!" You ran after him, and he turned around and then......
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