What Character Am I?

Do you know your characters, such as Cinderella or Ariel? Well, then this is the quiz you should be taking to test if you know your characters. Think hard and long to see if you know them, it might be difficult.

This quiz goes from Cartoon Network characters to animated movie characters, such as Simba or BugsBunny. This will be testing your brain to see if it knows each character. Do you think you got it?

Created by: Darksunshine
  1. I'm known for living in a Pinapple under the sea. My bestfriend is a sea star and we love to jellyfish. I have a pet snail named Gary. Who am I?
  2. I'm known for the one who stole Christmas. I have a small heart and everyone knows me to be grumpy. My dog is named Max. Who am I?
  3. I love me some honey. Me and my friends,(tiger, piglet, rabbit, and donkey)always seem to get ourselves in a sticky situation. My human friend is always there to help. Who am I?
  4. I'm known for solving crimes with my crew. My best-friend and I love to get our hands on anything that is food. When we're scared, our other friend have to bribe us with Scooby snacks. Who am I?
  5. I'm a citizen of the Candy Kingdom. My bestfriend is a magical dog and we fight crimes outside and inside of the kingdom. We go on adventures all the time. Who am I?
  6. I wear a pink hate and I have 2 magical firies who grant my every wish. My teacher is always trying to discover, "FAIRIES!" all the time. My babysitter always tries to torture me. Who am I?
  7. I'm always on PBS Kids, I'm the big purple dinosaur everyone knows. I love to sings happy songs, "I love you, You love me!". Who am I?
  8. My father was killed by his brother while trying to save me. I am now the King of the Land. My friends are a Warthog and PraireCat. Who am I?
  9. I'm known to steal and be a thief. I met the Princess but got locked up until I met a Gene. My friend is a monkey named Aboo.
  10. I have 2 step-sisters, they are known to be the ugly ones. I attended a ball and dance with the prince. My glass slipper fell and he went to discover who was his mystery girl. Who am I?
  11. I am known for my fur coats that are made from Dalmations. I have tried to buy 101 of them but soon to steal them from their owner. Who am I?
  12. I fell in a hole after following a rabbit, who was checking his watch. I discovered a talking cat and a worm that smokes. Who am I?
  13. I was made by a scientist. I have made my way to Earth and wa taken to the pound. I was adopted by a little Hawaiian, who now calls me 'Ohana'. Who am I?
  14. I'm a Chinese girl who cut my hair and went into war, acting like a man. I have hidden my identity and got caught, fighting enemies. Who am I?
  15. I have been locked in a tower but escaped with a criminal to see the lights in the sky for my 18th birthday. My mother tells me its safer if I stay in the tower. I have long blonde hair too and a pet lizard. Who am I?
  16. I'm a baby-sitter but not just any ordinary. I'm magical. I can fly and say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!". Who am I?
  17. I was hunted by a huntsman, he was sent by the Evil Queen. I found a cotage owned by 7 dwarfs. Many animals love me. I am the one who ate the poison apple. Who am I?
  18. My father has been locked up in a castle by a beast. The beast has to find love, before all the petals on the enchanted rose, falls off. He locks me up instead and shows me his happiness. Who am I?
  19. I am very tiny and magic. I'm not fond with a human by the name of Wendy. I wear a leaf dress and shoeswith little fluff balls. My hair is blonde and made in a bun. I also live in Pixie Hollow. Who am I?
  20. I am very tiny and magic. I'm not fond with a human by the name of Wendy. I wear a leaf dress and shoeswith little fluff balls. My hair is blonde and made in a bun. I also live in Pixie Hollow. Who am I?

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