War of the Worlds movie quiz

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Created by: sandi

  1. when was War of the Worlds made?
  2. Who played Ray Ferrier?
  3. who did dakota fanning play?
  4. who did justin chatwin play?
  5. wut happens in the beginning of the movie?
  6. how do the aliens come down 2 earth?
  7. wut did the aliens use 2 kill the ppl?
  8. was the ground were the ligthning hit cold or hot?
  9. wut hapened when the lightning struck?
  10. wut did the tripods (aliens) do 2 the ppl when they captured them?
  11. wut did the tripods (aliens) do 2 the ppl when they captured them?
  12. wut does robbie do 2 make rachel stop crying?
  13. who is rachel and robbie's stepdad?
  14. wut did the aliens do 2 the ppl when they sucked them up in2 the tripod?
  15. wut wa the ppls blood used 4?
  16. wut crashed in2 mary ann and tim's house?
  17. how old was rachel?
  18. wut was robbie wanting 2 do?
  19. wut happened in the end of the movie?
  20. who directed the movie?
  21. did that movie totally rock?

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