Worlds Hardest Quiz

There are some very smart people in this world, and you could be one of them. Who are they? What are they? A smart person does all kinds of things in their life. They play sport, study and communicate with others. Become one of these people.

Are YOU one of these people? Can you take on the worlds hardest quiz? Thanks to this quiz, you can see how well you do! Become one of the greatest people on earth. Let everyone know by signing our guestbook and spreading the world.

Created by: Jack of Worlds Greatest Quiz
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  1. What is the worlds greatest website?
  2. Which is the hottest planet?
  3. Are you cool?
  4. What is Miss Piggy's surname?
  5. Who sings the song "Camisado"?
  6. What is the only shape with one side?
  7. How do you eat pizza?
  8. Which cartoon character is the most famous?
  9. What is so hard about this quiz?
  10. What sort of a creature is a hake?

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