the hardest test on the planet 2

Hi there all my fans. Remember me? I am the creator of the hardest test on the planet! Since that quiz did sooo well, I decided to make a second one. Please take it and tell me if it is worst or better the the original one!

Wow, atleast you didn't cheat. And between you and me, most people usualy score around this range. Yep. So don't feel to bad for yourself. Give the quiz to someone else and laugh as they fail.

Created by: rachel

  1. What day is independence day?
  2. How many holes are there on an electrical outlet?
  3. On the "GOOGLE" logo, what order are the letter colors in?
  4. On the tootsie role commercial with the owl in it, how many toes does the owl have?
  5. In the pepto-bismo commercial, name all the ailments that it treats, in order!
  6. on the "PEPSI" logo, there are three colors on top of each other. What color is on top?
  7. What color eyes do albino animals have?
  8. you hear the word "SAFE" alot. But what does it actually mean?
  9. The last and final question. What.... is my gender?
  10. Okay, so I lied. But this isn't really a question anyways. Was it better then the original one?

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