welcome to planet neptune

this is a test to see if you can make your spaceship reach planet neptune! maybe if you get here, you'll be able to join us? maybe you don't want to.. or maybe, your just bored and you might as well take the test anyway..

if you answer correctly, you'll be able to make it here! maybe you'll get lost in space.. maybe your happy on planet earth and want to stay there? Perhaps you would never want to be neptunian anyway.. maybe you reached the moon, and called it a day? you had the energy to take of, but in the end, couldn't be bothered with it all. perhaps you reached mars, and decided that neptune and mars can have alot of fun together, much more than two people from neptune could ever have!

Created by: fruity of welcome to planet neptune
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favourite colour?
  2. how do you solve your problems?
  3. when you're lonely, what do you do?
  4. what is the capital city of planet neptune?
  5. who do you like most out of these people?
  6. which of these is your favourite letter?
  7. which is your favourite subject?
  8. what is your reason for visiting the planet neptune website?
  9. who do you think is coolest out of these women?
  10. who is the coolest out of these men?
  11. which item would you give someone as a birthday present?
  12. is lucia vega right in what she says?
  13. whats your favourite season?
  14. what is your favourite sex position?
  15. how would i best describe myself?
  16. how would you describe lucia vega?
  17. did you enjoy this quiz?
  18. which of these is the most important?
  19. which of these carachters do you like the least?
  20. last question, how often do you visit this website?

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