You Will Fail This Quiz

There are many quizzes out there that claim that they are the hardest but most are not as hard as advertised. My quiz on the other hand really is the hardest. Hope you fail!

If you can actually pass, i will be astonished and i will wet my pants. I doubt you can pass or get 100% on this test but it is human nature to try anyway so go on and FAIL!

Created by: soxfanbrand
  1. What is table?
  2. Do you have TV?
  3. (poot) Hey! What was that?
  4. What do you have?
  5. Whats a finger?
  6. Woo! Woo!
  7. Michael Jackson
  8. Afflack!
  9. Who is dress?
  10. This quiz hard?
  11. Summer Olympics 2009?
  12. We all die in 2012?
  13. What am I doing?
  14. Kentucky or New York?
  15. Kentucky or New York?
  16. Tampa
  17. 2009
  18. Falling down
  19. (Chuckle)
  20. DOGGY
  22. (poot) STOP THAT!!!!
  23. (poot) AHHH im too young to die!
  24. Lets do da hoola! dadadadadadadada
  25. Quiz ova' betcha lost!

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