How well do you know me ?

Many people claim to know you. But do they really?I think half of them just want to know you. while the other half dont give a poot.So here is your chance to shine. Take my quiz and see if you pass or fail.

Well do you know me? Until know you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz your about to find out. So come on and quiz ur self. You canm always guess. Right

Created by: kyna
  1. What kind and color truck do i drive?
  2. What is my middle name?
  3. When is my birthday ?
  4. What are my fav 2 foods?
  5. What have I always wanted to be?
  6. What 2 things do i like to do with my free time?
  7. Whats my favorite ball team?
  8. How many sisters do I have?
  9. Whats my fav color?
  10. Do i love being in love?
  11. What is my biggest fear?
  12. What animal am i most afraid of?
  13. What had i never done until this summer?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me ?