How silly are you?

There are 3 main groups of people: Silly people, Serious people, and Half/half. Silly people have the ability to make others laugh easily. Serious people are great at Maths and are very intelligent. But half/half people make great friends.

How silly are YOU? Do you have the ability to make up hilarious jokes or are you better at dressing up as a clown? In a few minutes, the answer will be before your very eyes and you will finally be contented!

Created by: Natalya
  1. How often do you make up funny words?
  2. Do you like watching people doing hilarious fails?
  3. Can you talk in a funny voice?
  4. If yes, then what does it sound like?
  5. Do you like dressing up as a clown?
  6. Do you find it easy to make other people laugh?
  7. When you go to the library, what do look for first?
  8. Do you have any brothers?
  9. Do you have any sisters?
  10. And lastly, did you find this quiz silly?

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Quiz topic: How silly am I?