Rick Riordan series

You Get people that Know Harry Potter but do you Know all about Greek,Roman and Eygption mythology written By rick Riordan.They are Great Books Must Read

Do you Know about Rick Riordan ? Do the ultimate test of Mythology Those who fail stay to harry Potter those who pass are true Demi-Gods (half Human half God)

Created by: Dyllan

  1. Is Percy Jackson
  2. From What series is Sadie and Carter
  3. In The lost Hero Piper is the daughter of
  4. Who is Thalia Grace Brother
  5. What is the sequel to the Red Pyramid
  6. Who is Clarice Godly parent
  7. What Color is Annabeth's Hair in the Book and Movie the lightning thief
  8. What is the name of the cat Goddess in the red pyramid
  9. Who Looses Their memory in the red pyramid
  10. What is Rick Riordans Latest Book that will be released on the 4th of october 2011

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