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So, come to test yourself, eh? Bet you'll fail...*taunting voice* You're gonna fail, you're gonna fail... / Concience: That's mean. / Me: So are you. / Neways, hop on over and take a seat; we're about to start!

P.S. Get rid of those cheating books, now. I mean it. Or else I shall smack you. Not giving them up? Okay...*resounding smack* Now GIVE!!!!!*pulls books away*

Created by: Starsight
  1. Who were Sootfur's parents?
  2. What is the publisher of the entire Warriors series?
  3. Erin Hunter is a combination of how many people?
  4. Tomlyn (part African bush cat, part Siamese tomcat) once belonged to who?
  5. Which author wrote Starlight?
  6. Kate Cary owns which two cats?
  7. Who was ThunderClan deputy before Bluestar?
  8. How did Thistleclaw die?
  9. Who did Hollypaw fight in the contest at the daylight Gathering?
  10. What was the name of the kittypet Graystripe fought twice in Twolegplace?

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