Whose Mate are YOU? (female version)

THis is about Warrior Cats, the Cat Series about Clans of Cats made by Erin Hunter (Tui Sutherlands, Kate Cary, Victoria Holmes & Cherith Baldry). Made to figure ou whose mate out of all the books you are!

Could it be the mighty Firestar? Or maybe evil Tigerstar? Or perhaps the super villain Scourge? Or possibly young Brambleclaw? Could it possibly be lil' Foxleap? You'll never know unless you... TAKE THAT TEST!!!

Created by: The Totally Awesome One
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Kits... They are -
  2. You're currently in the process of kitting, and your mate is in a battle, you ______
  3. Which Special Edition do you prefer?
  4. Do you like ice cream?
  5. Which Clan do you live in/would like to live in?
  6. Fruit or Vegetables?
  7. What Colour Pelt would your mate have?
  8. To your mate you would be...
  9. Apple Pie or Custard?
  10. Are you...

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Quiz topic: Whose Mate am I? (female version)