Are you good, neutral, or evil?

Do you ever pounder what kind of person you are? Would you like to know? This quiz should add some guidance to your life. I mean you have to be a confused individual to be taking a online test to find yourself in the first place.

This is a basic version I will update it in the future or make a more elaborite one. So dont stress your results that is untill I make the better version of this test. You can stress the next one though.

Created by: Dan E Santos
  1. What pet would you prefer?
  2. Choose a set of numbers.
  3. Do you smoke ciggarettes?
  4. Do you smoke pot?
  5. Do you use any other illegal drugs?
  6. Have you ever contimplated suicide/homocide/genocide.
  7. How often you you use profane language.
  8. Do you associate or are you a homosexual/bisexual.
  9. What do you think about your current political leader.
  10. Your voice is described as...
  11. How do you handle regret.
  12. Your key element is?
  13. You draw a card from a deck what are you hoping it is?
  14. Have you gotten into physical fights before?

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Quiz topic: Am I good, neutral, or evil?