Hardest Ever Quiz in the World!!!

Lot's of people think they are smart, but do they know everything in these 10 questions, featuring, Super-Man, Spider-Man, Maths, Games, the worlds largest breasts, statue of liberty, Titanic and much more.

So... do YOU!!! know everything in these questions, you must know alot and must have a good memory, and no looking on the internet whilst your doing the quiz, thats cheating and every time you cheat a virus gets on a computre somewhere, how would you like that on your guilt list hey.

Created by: Stephen Gilding

  1. What is freezing point?
  2. What is boiling point?
  3. Where was the statue of liberty origonaly going to be built.
  4. The worlds lagest breasts (2009) are?
  5. 12X=36, what is X?
  6. How many "Fear" games are there?
  7. How many compartments did the "Titanic" ship have?
  8. Which character in superman kills Super-Man?
  9. How does Venom kill Spider-Man?
  10. I can be craked, I can be made, I can be told, I can be played. What am I?

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