Basic Trivia Quiz

This quiz will test your mind to see what you have learned and accumulated. So best of luck, and try tour best. Don't get frustrated if you get a lot of the questions wrong.

Even if you score above 30%, you are above average. This is not a school quiz. It is similar to ML and other contests. Go ahead and give the hardest quiz you will every try in the world a shot! NOTE: PLEASE JUST ANSWER RANDOMLY FOR THE FIRST TWO QUESTIONS

Created by: LAC
  1. Absolute zero is at what temperature?
  2. The Hindenburg, a German zeppelin built in the 1900s, used what substance to float?
  3. In music, if I say the difference between high C and low C is one octave, how many notes are in between high C and low C?
  4. In Basketball, if I said "I got a three pointer on an NBA court from the shortest distance", how far away was I from the basket at the time of the shot?
  5. NATO stands for what
  6. When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, only two of the three men on the mission got on the moon. What was the third man doing?
  7. One of the elements of art is Value. What does this element represent?
  8. "I clicked on the RSS feed button on a website and a whole bunch of random code came up. I copied it into Google Reader for it to work." What type of code did I copy?
  9. This person wrote backwards on all of his works
  10. "My density is so low that I will float in water. One of my moons have been explored by humans as it may contain life because it has water" What planet am I?
  11. Which one of the following is a symbol of peace?
  12. Complete the analogy: Odd is to agenda as
  13. When you read music, and the time signature is a 'C', what signature does this represent?
  14. If you are flying an airplane and you bank at a 70 Degree angle, what is the percentage of increase your airplane will experience? (this question is the hardest)

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