Basic Scuba Knowledge

How buffed up are you on your basic scuba knowledge, anyway? Computers are great and having hi-tech dive equipment is awesome...but it is only as good as the diver behind it all. Do you have IT?

You may just be interested in diving or may have had Jacques Cousteau himself sign your divelog...either way here are some basic questions from the open water diver course.

Created by: Becky Sasala of The Dive bLog
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  1. Colors fade underwater. What color goes first?
  2. How fast does sound travel underwater?
  3. How does water affect your body's heat?
  4. What is the absolute pressure at 66 feet of salt water?
  5. What is nitrogen narcosis also known as?
  6. Holding your breath during ascent can cause...
  7. A high partial pressure of nitrogen can cause...
  8. You can avoid decompression sickness by...
  9. What is the maximum recreational diving limit?
  10. Decompression Illness covers
  11. First aid for all decompression illnesses is:

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