Are you a hip hop head?

Many people listen to rap music. But, a lot of em don't have an understanding of hip hop culture and a bit of it's history. Do you have some basic knowledge about it's history>?

Do you have some basic knowledge of the hip hop culture? This quiz contains mostly basic questions mixed in with some harder or more difficult ones. The questions shouldn't be too difficult if you listen to hip hop but might be difficult if you're , say a country fan/

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  1. Who is the backbone of hip hop?
  2. Which rapper from the Bronx battle MC Shan in hip hop's "golden era?"
  3. Who most recently retired from hip hop but came out of retirement shortly after?
  4. Who in hip hop utilizes the turntables?
  5. Who did the song aimed at Nas called the "Takeover?"
  6. What was another alias for the Notorious B.I.G.?
  7. How many times that gunmen shoot 50 Cent?
  8. Who did the song your "Life's on The Line" aimed at Ja Rule?
  9. Who completely screwed up the Source and ignited a beef with Eminem at the same time?
  10. What is freestyling, in today's terms?

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Quiz topic: Am I a hip hop head?