Gov't Mule Quizitarium

Alright Mulies, check your head against some insider knowledge. Truth be told, I'm not sure that I even know the answers to all these questions. So, throw down whatcha got and ride that Rocking Horse together.

I've strung together a Patchwork Quilt of questions. So, my question to you is: Do you have what it takes to go head to head with a quiz created by a roadie? Show me whatcha got...

Created by: quizzer

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  1. How many members of Gov't Mule were in the original lineup?
  2. Who is Warren's guitar tech?
  3. The name "Gov't Mule" came from a statement made by?
  4. Something is hanging over the stage right sidefill. What is it?
  5. Which of these items is NOT part of Matt Abts' drum kit?
  6. What audio console is used at both FOH and Monitor positions?
  7. Warren uses two amp heads. What are they?
  8. From "High & Mighty", on the song "Brighter Days", Warren's guitar is tuned to what standard?
  9. Matt Abts' drum tech is?
  10. How many crew members tour with the band (not including tour managers)?
  11. Who records and processes all of the Muletracks recordings?
  12. Once upon a time, Warren played in a band with Wayne 'Bear' Sauls. It was called?
  13. Allen Woody, a founding member of the band's father is known as?
  14. How many cards are used by Farmer during "Don't Step On The Grass Sam"?
  15. Not only a great bass player, Andy Hess is also an accomplished....
  16. How many keyboards are in Danny's world?
  17. Who makes Warren's custom guitar straps?
  18. Danny Louis' wife, Machan, used to sing for.....
  19. There are some plastic animals on Matt Abts' drum riser. How many, and what are they?
  20. What vocal microphone is used for Warren?
  21. Who writes the set list?
  22. Who is the freaky guy with the long beard that has been rockin' the MuleVan?
  23. Brian Farmer has also teched for........
  24. On the back of the headstock of Warren's Les Paul's, there are some signifying markings. Which of these is one of them?
  25. How many microphones are used on Warren's guitar rig?
  26. What is the name of the custom slide's that Warren uses?
  27. What is the number on the flight case that holds Warren's "O" Les Paul?
  28. What is the crew's nickname for their favorite beer?

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