Gov't Mule Test

Okay then Mulies, go head to head with a roadie created test and prove yourself against this new and updated test. Do you have the knowledge to get through? Time to let your mindshine!

Do you think you can get'em all? The answers are provided for all the questions, so any answers you missed, you can at least learn what you don't already know. Good luck!

Created by: Chris

  1. How many members of Gov't Mule were in the original lineup?
  2. Who is Warren's guitar tech?
  3. The name "Gov't Mule" came from a statement made by....
  4. Something is hanging over the Stage Right Sidefill. What is it?
  5. Which of these items is NOT part of Matt's drum kit?
  6. What audio console is used at both FOH and Monitor positions?
  7. Warren uses two amp heads. What are they?
  8. On the song "Brighter Days", Warren's guitar is tuned to what standard?
  9. Matt Abts' drum tech is....
  10. How many crew members are on tour with the band?
  11. How many crew members are on tour with the band?
  12. Who records and processes the Muletracks recordings?
  13. Once upon a time, Warren played in a band with Wayne 'Bear' Sauls. It was called....
  14. Allen Woody's father is a beloved member of the Mule family and is known as....
  15. How many 'cue cards' are there for "Don't Step On The Grass Sam"?
  16. Not only a great bass player, Andy Hess is also an accomplished....
  17. How many keyboards are in Danny's world?
  18. Who makes Warren's custom guitar straps?
  19. Danny Louis' wife, Machan, used to sing on tour with.....
  20. There are some plastic animals on Matt Abts' drum riser. What are they and how many are there?
  21. What vocal microphone is used for Warren?
  22. Who prints and delivers the set lists?
  23. Who's that weird beard that's been rockin' the Mule Van and is also a crew member's non-practicing life partner?
  24. Brian Farmer has also teched for....
  25. On the back of the headstock of each of Warren's Les Paul's, there are letters or numbers. Which of the following is one of them?
  26. How many microphones are used on Warren's guitar rig?
  27. What is the name of the custom slides that Warren uses?
  28. What is the number on the flight case that holds Warren's "P" Les Paul?
  29. What is the crew's nickname for their favorite beer?
  30. Which of the following is NOT an instrument that Danny Louis plays on stage?
  31. Andy Hess was hired to do some session work recording for who's album?
  32. What is the name of the song that is played during walk-out most every night?
  33. Given the chance, where would you find Danny Louis before soundcheck?
  34. The chili-pot on Matt's drum kit is originally belonged to who?
  35. He and Farmer have an 'interpretive dance troupe' and he is also the band's Lighting Designer. This handsome man is....
  36. Responsible for all the cool stuff you're (hopefully) wearing, he sells and creates most all of the band's merchandise. This sexy fella is....
  37. Matt Abts is currently playing drums manufactured by.....
  38. Rick, a member of the family, and our beloved truck driver, often takes on tour his wife.....
  39. Andy's bass rig is made by?
  40. Who photo is in the picture frame on top of Warren's guitar rack?

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