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Open Minded. Being open minded means to look at ALL the options before you decide what is right and what it wrong. Narrow minded would be to choose one thing, it doesnt matter if it's right, and stick to it, stubborn as a mule, before looking at anything else. Sometimes, a narrow minded person might just choose to beleive in something out of spite, or defiance.

Is this YOU? Are you open minded? Or are you narrow minded, and prejudiced against everything? is this a question that has bothered you or your family and friends for years? Well, I can help you with that! Take my quiz and we'll find out just how open minded you are!

Created by: Jane Doe
  1. What do you think about domesticating a wild animal?
  2. Do you feel your partner has to be in total agreeance with everything you say and do?
  3. Do you think it's neccessary to leave electronic devices running while not in use?
  4. Is it better to be open minded, and discuss freely, or shut down?
  5. Is cleaniness next to Godliness?
  6. Do you beleive that politions ever tell the entire truth?
  7. Does the fact that politions don't all always tell the etire truth bother you?
  8. Do you judge people of other races without getting to know them?
  9. Do you think you're better than other people because you drive a hybrid car?
  10. Do you beleive that all men and woman are equal?
  11. Does my being an alien from mars bother you?

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