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Welcome to the first of, "Bun's Bamboozlers". A monthly quiz to stretch the sinews of your mind. To light up the miasma of your life. Well you get the picture.

There is a monthly prize of ultimate respect for the grand winner of each months quiz. What you want a better prize, is respect not the greatest gift you could recieve. Oh it isn't is it.

Created by: Gavin Kirrage
  1. Easy one to start. What are the names of the Chuckle Brothers
  2. What is the capital of Azerbaijan
  3. Who played the part of Brick in Anchorman?
  4. Which one of these is the Latin word for "COD"
  5. What is Regicide?
  6. What county is Guildford in
  7. Who is Magnus Scheving better known as
  8. In what musical would you find the song Bui Doi
  9. Who has scored the most goals ever for England
  10. Who was married to John Lennon
  11. Which is a real character from former kids show He-Man
  12. Who played Mr Squeers in the Stretch production of Smike
  13. What is the name of the guy who played guitar at OWG'S first Live music service
  14. What is the main ingredient of Guacomole
  15. What is the white part of an egg
  16. Which of these is a real film
  17. Which TV Chef is a director of Norwich City Football Club
  18. Which Roman Emporer was known as "Little Boots"

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