The Ultimate History Quiz, if you win on the FIRST try you are a

This is a quiz for those that consider themselves to definitely be really good at history. Any Ph.Ds are welcome to this quiz but even they might not have a perfect score on it, so good luck to all!

Now you are about to embark on an amazing journey, a great adventure, otherwise known as a quiz. This quiz shall blow your mind away, it shall make you think the deepest thoughts, and all that blabber.

Created by: Julian
  1. Who was the Grandson of Ghenghis Khan
  2. What year was the battle of Agincourt?
  3. Name the authour of the Aeneid
  4. Who invented the pyramids
  5. Which ancient country invented Chess?
  6. Which two names were the names of two of the people who plotted against Julius Ceasar in Shakespeare's play.
  7. Order from most Ancient to most new, Harold the Saxon, Lord Nobunaga, and Attila the Hun.
  8. Which nation invented the wheel
  9. Name a god from Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology, and Egyptian mythology
  10. Which was written first. The Iliad, The Canterbury Tales, War and Peace, or Seven Against Thebes?
  11. Who said this quote... 'I have nothing to offer you but blood, sweat, and toil.
  12. Who invented the Remote control?
  13. What was Robert Burns' occupation?
  14. Which instrument could have been played in the medieval times?
  15. What is the first name of the famous general the Bismarck was named after.

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