Dover History Quiz

Dover has four centuries of of history; floods, fires, Indian attacks, as well as the building of an industrious community. The history of Dover has been celebrated in many books and community productions.

How well do you know your historic town? Do you dare put yourself to the test? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know.It will only take you a few minutes.

Created by: cbt of Dover Public Library News
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  1. How many Dover men served in the Civil War?
  2. Which Dover building was a stop on the Underground Railroad?
  3. How was the Sherman Grammar School destroyed?
  4. The first calico fabric produced in America was made at the Cocheco Manufacturing Company.
  5. How many times has the City Hall burned down?
  6. Women were first allowed to teach school in Dover in what year?
  7. In 1792, Dover was the state capitol of New Hampshire.
  8. What was Dover's other name?
  9. Dover was the location for the first women's strike in America
  10. In 1648, Dover passed a law forbidding men to wear long hair.

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