How religiously open are you? (Religious people only)

Religious people are often either extremely closed-minded or extremely open-minded, although there are some mixes. Unfortunately, for many people it means they're closed-minded.

Are you guilty of this terrible misfortune? Can you pass this agnostic's test that will put your mind to work and make you reassess everything you hold dear? Until now, you could only narcissisticly say "I'm open-minded towards those who are different than me". But are you lying to others and yourself? Find out in a few minutes, but be honest!

Created by: Anonymous_Agnostic
  1. Alright, so welcome. This test will be testing how religiously open minded you are. This test is not intended for the atheist or the agnostic. You will either be choosing on a scale of 1-5 or one of five possible answers. This is an introduction question, no effects on results, although one answer might.
  2. First, how do you feel about atheists?
  3. Some theorize that atheists have low self-esteem because they like to call out a religions flaws. Do you agree?
  4. How do you feel about agnosticism and agnostic people in general?
  5. Is agnosticism just a phase?
  6. Do you follow your holy book (Bible, Torah, etc) to a T?
  7. The day that the USA announced that gay marriage was legalized in all states, were you screaming out "Love wins!" or saying how the USA was doomed (this applies to non-USA citizens)?
  8. Do you accept that your religion could be wrong and outdated?
  9. Quoting a Psychology Today article "10 Sources of Low Self-Esteem". "9. Belief Systems When your religious... puts you in a position of feeling as if you are perpetually sinning, it can be similar to the experience of living with a disapproving authority figure. Whether judgement is emanating from authority figures or from an established belief system in your life, it can evoke shame, guilt, conflict and self-loathing. Many structured belief systems offer two paths: one that's all good and one that's all bad. When you inevitably fall in the abyss between the two, you end up feeling confused, wrong, disoriented, shameful, fake, and disappointed with yourself over and over again." How true is this?
  10. Keeping in mind what you just read, have you ever experienced something like this? (Yes, this would affect some people's open-mindedness).
  11. One of your gods/God asks you to commit a huge taboo in your religion. Do you do it? **FOUR ANSWERS AFFECT YOUR SCORE**
  12. Someone tells you that they left their religion because they were abandoned by your deity. What do you say/how do you react?
  13. Did this quiz feel like it attacked you in anyway, shape, or form?

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Quiz topic: How religiously open am I? (Religious people only)