how open minded are you?

so do you think you are open minded. take the quiz and see. the results may not be accurate, if so i'm sorry i am not very experianced in makeing these.

you think you are open minded, take the quiz then. i am sorry for any misspellings there may be. i hope you enjoy the quiz. so have fun and find out. i hope you score well :)

Created by: mystori619

  1. do you believe that same gender relationships can work.
  2. do you think that pot can have good side effects (aside from getting high)
  3. do you think that all animals could possibly have a mind like humans.
  4. do you believe that a relationship between two people of different races could work out.
  5. would you try new meals from other cultures, *i mean they could taste totally awesome*
  6. would you try anything new, cause it could possibly be the best thing ever.
  7. do you live by: first impressions are everything, to the point of not beings friends with a person cause they seemed dumb
  8. do you think that everyone might be a little bi.
  9. do you give a lot of things a try even when they have a bad reputation.
  10. did you like my quiz (wont effect results)

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Quiz topic: How open minded am I?