the camping quiz

This Quiz is to determine how often you have been in the woods and how you got there. If you disagree with the outcome of it too bad I cant help that but be honest and open minded and you will do fine.

DO YOU think you know what that is all about? Is it something you may need or throw out? Well thanks to this fantastic quiz you may learn some long lost secrets about yourself.

Created by: Freddykrugerand

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  1. You show up in the dark~do you....
  2. Everybody want to go rafting and hiking as a
  3. so the big get together is tonght but the dance is too.SO
  4. you heard they eat better hear than at home so you get to
  5. the johns all stink and you got to go now what ?
  6. every body is gone on that hike you finally got time to do something....
  7. the dog is running around barking at everyone so you
  8. your ready for that great game of truth or dare around the fire your first dare is
  9. you go out to the store taking all day long and get lost how do you get back
  10. your weekend was great and you made lots of friends so it is time to leave

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