Do you know basic information?

To whom it may concern, this quiz will show you just how much basic knowledge you have. Now, to the stupid people out there (that means all of you in my CP U.S. History class) it will basically tell you how stupid you are.

So, are you a retard? Hopefully, this "Basic Information" quiz will tell you otherwise (but I doubt it). So, are you ready for my extremely difficult quiz, with outrageously hard questions like, "What color is a red shoe?"? Well, get cracking! Just try not to trip over yourself in the chair.

Created by: Claire Snedeker

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  1. What planet are we on?
  2. What was the spark that started World War I?
  3. On which side was Russia during World War II?
  4. What party took over Russia during the Russian Revolution?
  5. What is pi?
  6. What did Hitler belong to?
  7. Who is the dictator is Cuba?
  8. Who took over the Byzantine Empire?
  9. What was the first permanent English settlement in America?
  10. Where did General Cornwallis surrender during the American Revolution?

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Quiz topic: Do I know basic information?