Catholic Trivia 2

Do you know as much about the Catholic Faith as your CCD teacher? Maybe you do! Try this quiz and see how many you can get right. We hope you've been studying!

These questions are kind of basic and you shouldn't have a lot of trouble with them if you have been studying, so give it a shot! If you do well, consider posting your score in the Guestbook at the Parents' Duty website.

Created by: Lisa Graas of Parents' Duty
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  1. What are the names of the Four Gospels in Scripture?
  2. What are the corporal works of mercy?
  3. How many natures does Jesus have?
  4. What is the Blessed Trinity?
  5. What is the Acts of the Apostles?
  6. What is a dogma?
  7. Do people ever become angels?
  8. Can the Saints in heaven see and hear us?
  9. What is a "Doctor of the Church"?
  10. Do the popes ever sin?

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