Catholic Church Catechism

This test is meant to test how much you know about Catholicism, the religion outside of which there is no salvation. You cannot be Catholic unless you know your faith, and here you can test whether you do know it or now.

So are you Catholic? If you think you are, you must be able to get 100% on this test. The questions are very simple and have to do with Catholic dogmas, not trivial issues.

Created by: leonardo
  1. What is the Trinity?
  2. Who is the Word of God?
  3. What is the Holy Spirit?
  4. What is the Incarnation?
  5. What is the Hypostatic Union?
  6. Why is Jesus called Christ?
  7. What is the Gospel?
  8. What will happen at the end of the world?
  9. What are the requirements to enter Heaven?
  10. Who is the Pope?
  11. How do you enter the Catholic Church?
  12. What happens to all non-Catholics or Catholics who die in state of mortal sin?
  13. Where does the Catholic Church get her teachings from?
  14. What is the Bible?
  15. Which of the following books is not in Catholic Bible?
  16. What constitutes the infallible Catholic Tradition?
  17. Who interprets the Catholic Bible and Tradition?
  18. Pope can reveal a new dogma, that has no basis in Scripture or Tradition
  19. The meaning of dogmas can be re-interpreted by theologians and philosophers
  20. What is the original sin?

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