Do you know your catechism?

"What is truth?" Catholics have a duty to teach others the truths of the Church, but we can't teach something we don't know. "What is truth?" Philosophers and Theologians have puzzled over this question for time immemorial...

Do YOU know? Are you a "Catholic Theologian"? Could you teach those philosophers and theologians a thing or two? Take this Catechism quiz and find out how much you really know!

Created by: Raph
  1. How is your soul like to God?
  2. Who is the Head of the Catholic Church?
  3. Will Faith alone save us?
  4. Do we pray to relics or images?
  5. [By the fourth commandment] Are we commanded to obey our parents only?
  6. What is a Sacrament?
  7. What is the Holy Mass?
  8. What if a person wilfully conceal a mortal sin in confession?
  9. What are the four last things to be ever remembered?
  10. Act of Contrition: O my God, because thou art so ___ I am very ___ that I have sinned against thee and by the help of Thy ___ I will not sin again.
  11. What are the sins against Hope?
  12. Why is God called 'Our Father'?
  13. What is sin?
  14. What is the seventh artical of the Creed?
  15. Is there only one God?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my catechism?