How much of a thug are you

You think you're hard and that you know everything about the streets. You think that you can talk all the crap you want think again. There are a few O.G.'s left in the world are you one.

Are you a thug or a just a little punk. Do you have the street smarts to become an O.G. DO you think you have it to be the hardest left in the streets of the world. If you think you are try to do this and get somethin good.

Created by: Patrick

  1. Would you fight a guy or jump him
  2. How do you become a thug
  3. Do you like to fight
  4. What is a hood
  5. Are you black
  6. Where are the hardest places
  7. Would you kill
  8. Who were the hardest
  9. Where are you from
  10. How do you talk

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Quiz topic: How much of a thug am I