How Well Do You Know LDuffs

How well do you know Lduffs and all that is magnificent about her? Are you her foe or her friend, or maybe even her best friend? Do you know what kind of deoderant she wears for example, or do you not even know her last name, you stupid piss ant?

Do you have what it takes to understand a human being so perfect and complex in her being that she is both black and white, and lived her life on the dirty streets of the Bronx, but lived under her alter ego in NJ?

Created by: Owen Duffy

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  1. What is LDuff's dog's name?
  2. Where is LDuffs favorite place to eat at the lake?
  3. Who did LDuffs used to date at the lake?
  4. Who does LDuffs dislike most on the lake?
  5. What color is Lduffs new car?
  6. On the weekends, where are you most likely to find Lduffs in her natural habitat?
  7. Which two drinks is Liz most likely to be drinking at the lake?
  8. What is the name of LDuff's alter ego?
  9. Which town in NJ did Lduffs grow up in?
  10. What is Lduffs favorite smell?
  11. If LDuffs were to take a vacation, where would it most likely be?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know LDuffs