Could and Would we be friends?

Do you need a friend. Get a friend here as long as you pass this stupid test. I am not making promising that I will actually going to be your friend.

SORRY! hope you do enjoy this little stupid quyiz. So i am sorry that this short sooooo yeahhh.... hers wors hjtrxciyrirffruyyyy, kbukgvhjt78io7rlgbpi8'9j

Created by: pitbull77

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How sarcastic are you
  2. Your favorite color out of the following below
  3. Let's go through the alphabets. Pick the letter you like out of the following and keep going till the letters of the alphabets are gone.
  4. Choose a letter that you like the best. AGAIN!
  5. AGAIN!
  7. Do you curse
  8. What's your favorite breed of dogs out of the following
  9. Choose a type of car that you like the best down of the following. If you don't know them then just google it.
  10. Do you like school
  11. Favorite sport out of these

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