Which color are you? (ACCURATE)

There are many colors in the rainbow. Have you ever wondered which of these wonderfully unique colors YOU are? Well, take this color quiz to find out!

Are you red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, black, white, pink, or rainbow? Are you ready to find out which color YOU are? Then, take this quiz!

Created by: Frostire

  1. Do you love the outdoors?
  2. Are you smart?
  3. For the next few questions, just choose the word from the list that describes you best. Which of these?
  4. What about one of these words?
  5. One of these?
  6. Does your mood affect others? (In a good way or a bad way)
  7. Are you hardworking?
  8. Which set of words describes you best?
  9. Which of set of words describes you best?
  10. Which of these sayings matches your lifestyle?
  11. Do you enjoy being around other people?
  12. One more word...
  13. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which color am I? (ACCURATE)