Are You White Or Black?

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Which color are you? Black or white? Day or night? The two most contradictory colors of all. The darkest color and the lightest color. Which one suits you best?

I hope everyone enjoys my quiz, even if the results aren't accurate or something. I appreciate that you clicked on it. It really helps me out, and I love making them!

Created by: AlexTheCat
  1. I'm going to ask your opinion on a bunch of subjects, and you rate them on a scale of 1 - 5 with your opinion. :)
  2. Social Interaction.
  3. Hope.
  4. Team sports. (Like basketball, football, etc.)
  5. Death.
  6. How much sleep do you get?
  7. Family.
  8. Love. Which is true for you concerning the best relationship you ever had?
  9. Stopping world hunger.
  10. The lottery.
  11. Rain.
  12. Cats.
  13. Miracles.
  14. Luck.
  15. A 5 year old girl won the best singer of the century award. (Your feelings...?)
  16. Today.
  17. Crying.
  18. The title of this quiz "Are You White Or Black" refers to the actual colors, not skin color. I realized some racist people might take it that way.

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Quiz topic: Am I White Or Black?