How well do you know me?

There are alot of people who claim they know me and well I am just curious to see how true that is. I am an open book and I love to talk so if you truelly know me and care enough to list I expect you to score very high if not well piss off then!

Are you my friend? My stalker? my nosy neighbor? Or just some wanna be? Take this quiz to see how you measure up on my friendship scale. So ahead give it a try it won't hurt. And hey if ya score low try being a better friend to me then.

Created by: amazon

  1. What is my favorite color?
  2. How many children do I have?
  3. Was I ever prom Queen?
  4. How many times did I go to the prom?
  5. What was my first car?
  6. Who was my best friend in high school?
  7. How many times have I been engaged?
  8. How many siblings do I have?
  9. What do I really want in life?
  10. Where was I born?
  11. What is my favorite saying?
  12. What is my favorite type of music

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?