Political Spectrum test

Find out your political ideology through a selection of social and economic questions to find out if you are a freedom fighter on the streets or a dictator struggling for power.

Maybe you could be a capitalist pig or a pinko commie! find out by taking the test. using simple terms its not the worlds hardest quiz, but one of the simple ones.

Created by: Spriggs05

  1. What is the best way to keep the economy stable?
  2. To what degree has the state a right to tell us what to do.
  3. Free Trade?
  4. A LGBT parade has appeared outside of your offices and are holding an equal rights protest what you do?
  5. Who is your favorite historical figure?
  6. Drugs are?
  7. Pro Choice or Pro Life?? (Abortion)
  8. Foreign Policy should be..
  9. You are a civil servant. Within days of your emplyment the government collapses and anarchy ensues, your reaction?
  10. Last Question opinion on the test?? (It will not affect your final outcome)

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