What precious gem/mineral are you?

Gems and minerals- priceless, all of them have their own "personality." They are all unique and look different. But the question you might be wondering is "which one am I?"

Well wonder no more! With this quick twelve question quiz, you can figure out what gem you are, and the pros and cons on your personality! Just click away@

Created by: pinkjumper
  1. Cons about you. Pick one:
  2. You see a stuck up gorgeous girl that thinks she's better than you. The worst thing you would say to her is:
  3. Let's say you said something mean. Now she's saying something back to you she learned about secretly. What does she say?
  4. Are you strong? If so, do you hide it?
  5. How many friends do you have?
  6. On a scale of one to five, rate your shyness. Five being really shy, one being not shy at all.
  7. Is your personality:?
  8. (I just had to ask!)What's your favorite color?
  9. BTW, that last question did count. So does this one. How shiny is your skin? (lol) 5 being awesome, one being eck.
  10. Last question! It still counts. Are you confident in yourself on a scale of one to five? Five being totally, one being no!

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Quiz topic: What precious gem/mineral am I?