Forever In Debt To Your Priceless Advice ~2

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This story was inspired to me mainly by the song "Heart Shaped Box" by the band Nirvana. Even the name of this story is some of the lyrics off that song. It's about a girl, Kaede, whose adoptive mother has died, and is forced to move into a new home and school.

How will Kaede cope with the new life that's been arranged for her? Will she ever find true love? Or is the future just too dark and mysterious for her?

Created by: Loony Luna

  1. "I told you I could have walked Mrs Grace." I said impatiently to my counselor. We were in the silver Corsa, driving to my new school. "Nonsense Kaede, d'you know how far away it actually is? While you're under my care I shall drop you off and pick you up at all times." "Ughh." So much for having my freedom. I must have gone daydreaming or something, because when I noticed we'd already arrived. "Thanks." I muttered, grabbed my leather bag and jumped out from the car. I waved slightly as Mrs Grace drove off. I turned to look at the white building that stood in front of me. "Here I come Northwell High School, wish me luck Patty, I'm sure to need it." I walked through the main doors.
  2. The school in overall wasn't all that bad, it was really the people in it that annoyed me, because as soon as I walked in I saw so many of them, and it was like a thing, for almost all of them looked in my direction at the moment. Not to say I wasn't very odd looking, but it couldn't just be that I attracted that much attention. I sort of tilted my head down and carried on walking, trying to find my way to the main office. A turn to the right, down that narrow corridor and I found it. I walked towards it, and stood for a moment outside of the wooden door, there written in bold writing 'Main Office'. I decided to reach for the handle just as someone was opening the door, of course. It all happened too fast. I was tumbled backwards by the force of the door opening right on my face, half a second later falling on my arse.
  3. "Hey, you alright?" asked the boy who'd opened the door on my face, not bothering to try and help me up, not that I'd accept it anyway. I sneaked a glance on his character. He was tallish, maybe a few inches taller than me, had dark, just beneath the ear hair, and the bluest of eyes I'd ever seen, they almost seemed to have their own sparkle. Nevertheless, I acted more annoyed than I really was, pointed my middle finger at him and pushed my way past into the office. I heard a loud whistle come from his lips as I came in, as if to say "Woahh" or something and then just walked off. "Hi I'm the new student, Mrs Grace has already seen the headmaster yesterday, and I was told to come here on my first day." I explained to the lady who sat behind the computer desk. "Oh yes, Kaede Terrace. Follow me if you please." she adjusted her glasses and shifted from her seat, walking out the door and waiting for me to follow.
  4. Before I knew it, I was standing in a classroom of twenty odd teenagers, all in different coloured clothes with curious expressions on their faces and a male teacher with menacing looking eyes, all somehow expecting me to introduce myself in a few words. Where could I even start? "I'm Kaede, I'm sixteen like most of you here (the teacher eyed me closely at this point) and I have this crazy obsession with music." and that was all they would get. Sn-----s and comments chased after my brief introduction. "Quiet down you lot! Welcome to Northwell Kaede. How lucky it seems that a fan of music comes drifting into our music lesson so unexpectedly! Take a seat now, would you? Now," he clapped his hands together as I took a seat right by the front row. "What shall our topic be today? Heather! Chewing gum in the bin!"
  5. Someone was poking my shoulder during the lesson. I turned to see what they wanted. It was a girl, with natural blonde curly hair and brown eyes. She wore a simple green top and matching green headband. "Nice to meet you Kaede, Laura Davies is my name. I do hope we can get along well." she whispered to me in a friendly voice. I nodded and turned my attention back to Mr Carter, a rather unique teacher, different from others. Laura seemed like a kind person, but in my past experiences I learned that those people are the ones you should be more careful with. Plus, I wasn't really looking for any friendships in this new school, especially not relationship wise.
  6. We ended up discussing about the differences of now a days music from older music, and what effects it had on human society. Prejudice stuff and all that crap. Nothing much happened during Science or French. Then it was PE. Effing Physical Education. I had to borrow some of the school's spare shorts and top, because now apparently you can't do exercise in skinny jeans. We were doing dodgeball, and I have to admit it was actually not bad. "Alright you lot, boys versus girls. I want a nice clean game, and no cheating! This does include yourself Nathan." said Miss Hughes, our PE teacher. Everyone laughed and looked into Nathan's direction. I found myself following the eyes of the crowd into the blue eyed boy from this morning. He was chuckling and high fiving some of his friends. So, that was his name then.
  7. Nathan looked right into my eyes that moment. I sort of glared at him, but he had a come back. He stuck his tongue to one side and pulled his middle finger up at me. "Ugh" I thought, and turned away. That was the call I needed, now I was to make sure I'd kick his arse in this. The game started. Miss Hughes put all the red balls in the middle of the gym, an imaginary line separating the boys from girls. She blew her whistle. All the boys rushed in unison to grab the dodge balls, whilst all the girls rushed to the back wall and screamed little high pitched screams trying to dodge. I sort of stayed put in the middle, dodging all the coming balls the boys threw. When I say threw, I'm really being nice about it. They literally whacked the balls right to the wall, making a horrible noise.
  8. When half of the girls were sitting on the side bench, having been caught out by the boys, all the balls were on the girls side of the gym. This was our chance to get our team back together. I grabbed one ball in each hand, looked around for a target, Nathan in particular, and found my duckling. He was rather skinny, had messy brown hair and was very tall. I aimed carefully, took a run and threw. Score! I saw Laura having a go at it, only for the blonde haired boy to catch her ball the first time, knocking her out of the team. I almost laughed, then Nathan also almost caught me out, but I ducked just in time. He'd be my next target, I thought. Just as I was about to knock Nathan off the team, one of the dodge balls hit the side of my head dead hard, blowing me to the ground, face down. Nathan's voice echoed in my head as I fainted, "Look out!"
  9. I woke up in the nurse's office upstairs, I was lying down on the nurse bed. I immediately started to sit up and look around the white room. It smelled of.. of... blood? I went for my nose, trying to find what the hell was wrong with it, and found it was broken, a piece of tissue shoved up it to stop it from bleeding more. Lovely. I got down from the bed and walked out of the room, heading back to PE. I was stopped on the way by the nurse, "No no Miss Terrace, you're to stay in the nursery till we can get you to the hospital!" she pleaded. "I'm alright! It'll heal, I just need to get my stuff from PE. There's no way I'm going anywhere looking like this anyway." I pointed to my shorts and top. She tried to stop me, but knowing me you'd know it didn't work. I got to PE and changed back to normal clothes, then checked the timetable I was given by the lady behind the Main Office desk this very morning. Last period, it was Art. I'd been out throughout the whole of lunch and Maths basically. Again, lovely.
  10. It wasn't an easy school to get around. Too many corridors, not as many classrooms, whoever designed this building was a complete git, but I did find my own way to Art eventually. I knocked gently on the door then opened it. There sat my registration group. Phew. "Ah, Kaede I believe? Are you okay? Nathan was lovely enough to carry you up to the nurse's office while you were knocked out, then told me what happened. Take a seat." the teacher told me. Of course this was a new laughing matter to the students, who burst out laughing after stating Nathan's apparent 'heroic' act. There he was, sitting at the back row, grinning his arse off. Oh god, those eyes! They sparkled up so much when he smiled. Wait, you hate him Kaede, you idiot, stop thinking that. I quietly took a seat by the back row and waited for my first day of this new hell to be over.
  11. Cliffhanger! See you next time, thanks for reading! Any suggestions or comments just say so!

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