So this is high school! Part 3

Okay, so guess what? This time I'm actually going to write a description- in the second paragraph. So, it looks like I'm doing good! Everyone seemed happy with part two.

And now for the description: We finally get to find out what happened to Liza in Miss Langstons class! What do you think happened? Also, Liza meets five new people! Wait, six.

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. "Oh,no."you think. You know what you sat in. Gum. Repulsive, chewed-up bubble gum. "Ewwww,"you groan. The class once again bursts into uncontrollable fits of laughter as you try to stand. Miss Langston does not look amused. "Rosita , you may now stand and say why you did that,"she says. The girl next to you stands. "I did that because I thought it'd be funny,"is her solemn reply. "Well, I do not agree. Miss Trequell, you have dentention both this afternoon and the afternoon to follow." Miss Langston says sternly. "In the meantime, um, Adrian, would you please come over to Liza with me and help me try to, um, remove the gum from this seat. And Sally, would you please go to the office and see if they can have someone assist us?" the teacher goes on, having no problem barking orders at her humble students. A boy who's a bit small with short blonde hair and blue eyes comes over to you and you freeze up.
  2. "Um, okay..."he says. It's rather awkward sitting in a chair with bubble gum keeping you down an being stared at by a stern teacher and a cute boy. "Try standing up again, Miss Liza,"suggests Miss Langston. You attempt to stand and are succesful! "Okay, thats good-"begins Adrian as a short girl with red pigtails-who you realize must be Sally- returns with a fat, bald man.
  3. "Ah, Sally, you've returned," Miss Langston says in a most unusual tone. "Yeah, Ma'am, I ain't heya ta chit-chat, I'm a busy man, ya know dat?"the man says in a thick Northern accent. "Yes, Mr. Freewold, I know you are not here to 'chit-chat'. Would you be so kind as to come here and examine our situation?" Miss Langston asks crisply. The man, murmuring under his breath, trudges over. "Oh gimmee a break, lady. There's a whole a'tiya school of problems and I gotta stop cause some igno-rahant fa-reak put gum in some dweebo's chai-ya?" Mr. Freewold drones, obviously annoyed. "That will do, Mr. Freewold," Miss Langston snaps fiercely, as though she were his Mother. "See ya," Mr. Freewold stalks out. "Well, Sally, that certainly was a help,"sneers the teacher, as if it was Sally's fault.
  4. Tears glisten in poor Sally's eyes."Now, Miss Liza. You are to take a hall pass and report to the Nurse's office and request some extra pants. Adrian will accompany you. And I will have you sit in the other empty seat near Wanda when you return," decides Miss Langston. You feel a pang of anger. There was another place for you to sit all along and the teacher purposely put you near the prankster? Wow. You are starting to doubt that you actually like Miss Langston.
  5. After that memorable first period, you've discovered that the adorable Adrian is quiet, but funny when he actually speaks. And that Math & Algebra here is way harder than back home. You are quite happy when the bell for second period rings. You meet Bree where you were at the beginning of the hour. "And?"Bree asks expectantly. "I met a guy named Adrian. That was nice. And there was gum in my chair,"you report. "Oh. Well,um, sounds like you had a half-nice first class. What's next for you?"Bree asks.
  6. You have English and then History & Geography after, which are both relatively uneventful. Then it's time for lunch, which you luckily have with Bree. And Josh. And, unluckily, the clique you met earlier.
  7. "I always sit over here." Bree informs you as you plant your trays down at a corner table. There's a girl with a soccer t-shirt on laughing at something a glittery-looking girl just said. They both fall silent when they see you.
  8. "Ahem, this is Rachel and this is Jocelyn," Bree points to the soccer girl first and then the glittery girl, who dons a completely pink outfit and bedazzling sparkly hoops. "Nice earrings," you smile at Jocelyn.
  9. "Oh, and she is Liza," smiles Bree,remembering you. "Thank you, Liza. You really like them?" Jocelyn tosses her curly blonde ponytail and tugs at her earrings. "Oh, Totally,"you say.
  10. "I'm not into the sparkly stuff that much," says Rachel with a sheepish grin. You study her. She has an athletic build, and has thick, shiny brown braids and sparkly blue eyes. "Yeah, soccer's her thing," explains Bree. Rachel pokes around at her macaroni. "Hey,trade you my olive salad for your macaroni?" you offer, sitting down. "Totes," Rachel smilingly completes the trade. Just as you feel like you belong, a too familiar voice cackles, "OMG, the losers sharing food! And with a new dork recruit!"

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