Chasing Dreams part 1

VioletStarr here! My first two quizzes aren't very popular. Oh well. Here's one that I think you'll enjoy. Part 2 will come soon if I get enough nice comments! Have fun!

You are a girl named Jade. Your last name can be whatever you want it to be. You are a sophmore in high school.You have hair that looks however you want it to look.You live in a pretty small house with your mom. Life is pretty easy until...

Created by: VioletStarr
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  1. Your alarm clock rings. You sigh. Why does the first day of school always have to come so fast? You slowly get out of bed and start to get ready or school. What do you have on? (this is more relevant than you think)
  2. You eat breakfast & have to run to the bus stop. Luckily, the bus hasn't left yet. You climb up the stairs & walk slowly down the crowded isle. "Psst..." you barely manage to here someone say. You look to your left to see a boy with short-ish blonde hair & blue eyes smiling at you. "Hey," he says," I'm Lucas. Sit down next to me. I don't bite."
  3. You two talk about yourselves for a while. By the time you get to school, you know he loves the color orange, he loves to sing(and is pretty good at it),and he's really smart like you. You walk into your homeroom class & 4 guys look up at you. Which one do you pay more attention to?
  4. The teacher walks over to you. "Hello. I am Ms. Skye. What's your name?" she asks. "Jade." you say. "Oh,Jade,you sit behind Tristan. Tristan, raise your hand." The brown-haired,green-eyed one raises his hand & smiles more. "You may take your seat." Ms.Skye says. You walk over to your seat & sit down.The other three boys shoot disapproving looks at you. Tristan turns to you & says, "Hey,Jade."
  5. The late bell rings and class begins. You look around & realize how little this class is. "I'mtaking roll.Angelica." "Here." A girl with long blonde hair & green eyes says. "Andrew." "Here." the boy with long black hair says. "Renèe." "Here." says a girl with orange hair & brown eyes."Victoria." "Here." a black-haired girl replies. This goes on. You learn that the boy with shaggy brown hair is Jake, and the one with short black hair is Kyle. "Okay,class.I am Ms.Skye." she says. Then she starts giving the class her life story.You space out. Who are you thinking about?
  6. You remain spaced out for another 10 minutes.Then the bell rings.Tristan is the first one out of his seat. "Bye." he says & winks at you.Then he's gone. Everyone else is leaving when someone walks over to your desk & says, "You might wanna be careful with Tristan,Jade." You look up to see Andrew staring at you emotionlessly. 'Does he feel any emotion?' you think as you get up out of your seat. "Why do I need to be careful?"you reply suspiciously. "Because he has a bad reputation." You start to walk out of the classroom and motion for him to follow you.He does. What do you mean by that?"you ask. "He dates 6 girls a week. Most of them he doesn't even like. So just be careful." He walks off before you can say anything.
  7. You pull out your schedule to see where you're going next. 'Great.P.E.' you think and starts heading toward the gym. Once you get into the locker room to change,you notice a blonde-haired girl eyeing you suspiciously. You decide to ignore her and start changing. This doesn't go too well because she prances over to you and says, "Jade,huh?" "Yeah" you say,"how do you know-" you are interrupted by her laughing. "What?" you ask. 'WTF is wrong with this chick?' you think. "Jake would NOT stop talking about you when we got in here. He told us everything.Your name,what you're wearing,he even told us that you were talking with Tristan."
  8. "And who are you?" you ask. "My name's Kimberly,but most people call me Kim." Just when you're about to say something the coach pops her head in and says,"hurry up,girls." Kim smiles at you,pulls her hair into a ponytail,and walks out.You finish getting dressed and walk out into the gym. Right before you can start a conversation with anybody the coach blows her whistle. "I'm going to start assigning your seats now." 'Why do we need assigned seats? This is high school.' The coach starts saying names and pointing to spots on the ground. By the time she's done,you find yourself sitting right behind Jake.What are you thinking?
  9. "Okay.I want you to partner up and talk about something.And don't just sit there.Run.Play basketball.Do something." You get up and look around the gym. Just when you were about to take your chances with the goth girl someone taps your shoulder. You turn around to see Jake. "Wanna be my partner?" he asks.
  10. To be continued...

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