Worst ever part 8

Your going through paths of power and just getting to know how to use it, your dreams are getting worster and worster you faint at least eight times a day.

You do not understand others, and barely your self, you have to live through this though, and you are kinds creep ed out with your power full body....

Created by: Mula
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  1. You enter the room and its windy, the windows are closed, but in the middle of the room you see a man, he is half skeleton.
  2. He notices you and walks up to you, he points a finger at you and says "Gisout actislateee" and you faint
  3. Your in a dark place, and there is a man standing in front of you, he says " Hello, my creation, I am Tartarus, you may have heard of me, I am a evil creation, just like you should be, you shall have half of me in you, eeetalsitca tuosig." You awaken.
  4. When you awake you see Adreannah standing over you, when she notices that your awake " _____ You've awaken, good, we are gonna start some training excersices today." She says
  5. You follow her out to a bright garden then to some dead flowers, " Now ____ say Flishatomaka, in those dead flowers " Adreannah says
  6. " Flishatomaka, FISHATOMAKA!!!!" you says then all the flowers around you grow atleast 5 ft long.
  7. She stares at you in disbelif, then she grabs a hold of your wrist and drags you to the forest of dead trees. " Say that again _____!!"
  8. " FISHATOMAKA!! FISHATOMAKA!!!" You scream at the top of your lungs and the whole forest came to life, the trees were healthy again, and you could watch more trees grow around you.
  9. " ____ Say Animagista" Andreannah says.
  10. "ANIMAGISTA ANIMAGISTA ANIMAGISTA!!!!" You yell and all of a sudden a lot of forest animals appeared in front of you and ran into the forest.
  11. And then Adreannah stared at you in fear " _____ Look in a mirrior, and on your shoulders and back....' She said, you look st your shoulders and you see dark skinny read lines drawing a pictures there, roses and flowers and trees and animals, this is to much for you, you faint.
  12. Your in a meadow, and you see a lake you go up to the lake and you see a person looking up at you, her face came above land, and she says " Whoopsie " and you awake

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