worst ever part 1

Hades : Light blond hair with shocken electric blue eyes, his usual outfit is ripped jeans and a camoflage Tee, He has a crush of you and shows it easily

The Military man : Black suit, With a military haircut, has a ordering voice but is very kind to all of his students, he hopes everyone of them becomes the best of the best

Created by: Mula
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  1. Your walking home and when you enter there you hear the arguing of your parents, and you go in the room and say.....
  2. They stare at you in shock then outta no where you got really mad and yell " I WISH YOU GUYS WEREN'T MY FREAKIN PARENTS! " you are thinking...
  3. You run into your room and sob then you get tired and go to sleep, when you wake up you are all tied up with your hands behind your back.
  4. You can't see a thing and you can't breath, then the darkness went away and you seen a beautiful fort, you are thinking...
  5. "Hello ______, I see you have finally awaken from sleep." Says a man with a black suit and a military looking haircut
  6. They bring you inside the fort and into a office, then they start telling you things, " ______ Sorry to be going so fast, But the reason that your here is because you have a very strong power that could save everyone in the entire universe." The Military man says "I never had anything to do with supernatrual powers sir, all I know is that I just go kidnapped" You try to say but he says over you, "We would like to train you to be best of the best, ______ Welcome to Jasikin School Of War and Supernatruals!"
  7. You get sent to the Cafe to get some food, while you there, a boy with light blond hair and shocking blue eyes " Hello, I am Hades, have you been sorted yet?" Hades asks you, "Oh no, I am just a new arrival!" You say.
  8. "Would you like a tour of the school then?" Hades asks you, but before you could answer a girl with long black and and green eyes walks up to Hades "Hades! Remember!?!? We are suppose to eat lunch! Ugh! you have such a bad stinking memory!" The girl says and Hades looks hurt.
  9. You answer Hades, You said yes, once after done getting a tour of the fort, you guys start talking, and all of the sudden Hades holds you hand, you...
  10. You grab a hold of his other hand and he smiles, you are thinking right now..
  11. Then the bell rings for bedtime, he drops you off at the dormity, you'll have to join us next time in part 2 to find out what happened!

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