Worst ever part 6

do people even read these?

do people even read these?

Created by: Mula

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  1. "I-I-I do have those dream Hades, thats whats scary, I only had one though" You say, he stares at you in shock...
  2. "Do you ever have dreams about the god.... ______ ARE YOU OKAY LOOK AT ME!!" He says when he notices you eyes go crazy then you black out
  3. Your in a meadow and theres this person, sitting there, playing on his guitar, he notices you and walks up to you, you notice that he is the guy you seen in the Dark Land room.
  4. " Hello my Daughter, you have become one, and just discovering your powers..." Says the guy in a ancient voice
  5. "I am sorry Daughter, I haven't introduced myself, I am Kenzlo" He says, You stare in shock...
  6. "I have been watching over you, taken away from your real parents by birth, my child... your beautiful.."
  7. "You have great powers child, choose what you do... Make sure you want it... then decide...."
  8. Then it looked like he was getting farther away, and then everything was black, then you wake up to the sound of beeping and felt yourself being moved fastly you groan
  9. Then the fastness stops, and then somebody puts a mask over you then you faint again
  10. Your in this forest and you see a women, she has your eyes and hair color she notices you and calls you over
  11. "My _____ Your so beautiful, You look so much like your Father, you have beautiful and awful powers, you'll become a god one day"
  12. "I understand your frightened, but please choose the correct place, good bye my _____" You awake

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