Worst ever part 3

You have to choose btw Hades and Anton, Good or Evil, Who to kiss, Who to not, This is full of problems So help guide yourself with series of war and boys

Who are you gonna choose? Good or Evil, Hades or Anton, Its all up to you, I hope you like my third part of the quiz, it took 4 hours for me to make this one

Created by: Mula
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  1. While you and Hades were looking for books to read you seen this book called Evil With Us... What do you think about that book?
  2. After you got the book you went into The Dark Land room and started reading it, when Anton went past the door you heard him say " Now if we get _____ To be evil then we can start a war with the Lisawoose, She is very good at sword fighting and she is a witch, but how will we make her go against Hades....." And thats all you heard, then you called his name.. and he came... what are you thinking right now?
  3. He walks through the door and you stand you walk right up to him and stare in2 his golden hazel eyes
  4. "I'll be evil with you.." You say while touching his face... Then you walk out and go eat dinner...
  5. After you eat dinner Hades walks you back to your dorm, before you went inside though he caught your waist and brought you to him.. He was staring at you in the eyes...
  6. He lowered his head and yours went upward and slowly very slowly your lips touched, all nice and smooth, then u stop kissing and go inside the dorm to clean up and go to bed
  7. When you woke up you looked on your sidetable and seen a note, it said eat breakfast in the Dark Land room. So you got clean and got breakfast and went to the Dark Land room
  8. When you entered there was only Anton, He took you plate and grabbed a hold of both sides of your waist and just stared at you...
  9. He lowered his hands and kissed you, you wrapped your arms around his neck and he picks you up and spin you around
  10. He gave you your breakfast back and grabbed his and you guys started talking while eating and throwing food together, he heard you laugh and he said it sounds evilly perfect
  11. Come back for part 4!

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