Worst Ever part 5

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Will you be able to choose, now that you found out about the Tartarus? Or is this just making it harder? Its a big decision to make, your only hope is to choose the right person or side

Your wonders of Tartarus are finally fullfilled, or are they? you'd have to find out in part 6!

Created by: Mula
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  1. When you wake you find yourself in the Medicine Hall, you see Hades by your bed, but then you see something you never seen before...
  2. You ask him what it was he says " Oh its just a mark from Tartarus." Which fills your mind full of questions.
  3. He sees the confusion on your face " Tartarus is this immortal man, he is the devil, most people call him Hell"
  4. " The story of Tartarus is that he came from the Heduslet Time, the Heduslet Time is the time of millions of deaths"
  5. " He was made by 8 out of 13 of our gods, Lehan, Holusius, Desletra, Voldemort, Secrumleposa, Golanz, Hejan, and Frementolentash."
  6. You recongize the names, " The 8 Gods of Evil... and Power " You say
  7. " Yes but, you see they were just trying to build a new weapon, not a person, somebody accidently stuck in flesh."
  8. " It made a human, and right away he ran off to terrify the world, that was the start of the Heduslet Times, the Death Time, and the Evil times."
  9. " These days Tartarus enters peoples dreams, lets you see what you'll become, thats what the Dark Land is about, you haven't been getting those dreams have you?" He looks at you and you shake in terror
  10. "I-I-I do have those dream Hades, thats whats scary, I only had one though" You say, he stares at you in shock...
  11. and COME AGAIN TO PART 6

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