What do your dreams show about you?

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Everybody has dreams, of course. Even if not for a long time, everybody has at least once. And of course, some dreams are prophetic. But even dreams that aren't prophetic can reveal something about you.

So, what do your dreams usually say about you? Most show negative emotions, but not always. Here ya go, a quiz about it, made by a dream interpreter themselves. :/

Created by: Nakita
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  1. Have you ever made friends or fallen in love with people who don't exist, but were in dreams that you had?
  2. Have you ever died in your dreams (May sound weird, but people do dream about dying), or witnessed your own funeral/burial?
  3. How often do you dream?
  4. Are you currently single?
  5. Are you happy with the way the government is working?
  6. Do you look forward to seeing what the future has in store for you?
  7. Have you often had prophetic dreams?
  8. Can you barely wait until you're old enough to leave your parents - or, if you already have, were you?
  9. Are you happy with your appearance?
  10. Have you been diagnosed with depression?

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Quiz topic: What do my dreams show about you?