what kind of guy would you end up with?

There are dreams, which can never come true, but some do. In this quiz, you may find the perfect couple, for you. Or not. But lets face it. Everybody's got what it takes to dream. And so do you. Have a go!=D

Are You a master of the game of love. Or do you keep your distance? This quiz will likely to show you WHAT TYPE OF A GUY YOU WILL END UP WITH. So good luck on geting the guy you looked for.

Created by: Redz

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your dream guy closet to? ( out of these )
  2. Suddently, the boy of your dream comes to you out somewhere...Where did he came from?
  3. His name was......And he looked like what?
  4. What did you talk about?
  5. How were you dressed, when you met him?
  6. When you got dressed properly, where did you go?
  7. Later did you had sex?
  8. So you and him had a totaly hot date together. How will you say bye?
  9. The next day, you saw him at your school, and your reaction?
  10. He has already made a group of new friends!! and they are...
  11. Later that day, He kisses you. What is your reaction?
  12. What is your ending?

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